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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  September 6, 2010 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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new details tonight about the discovery of a body near an east bay hotel. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frankerville. police suspect that the withty may have been there since last night when a hotel pool party got a little out of criminal. amber lee has our story. >> reporter: we're in the parking lot outside the w hotel where the victim was discovered this morning. neighbors showed us these tickets found here to give us
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some insight into the labor day party that ended in gunfire. police say a relative found the body of 26-year-old julius hubes. hubes was next to a wall near some bushes. >> there was a series of between five and 10 gunshot, very rapid fire. and then some very angry words then they used an expletive that wasn't a racial expletive that you don't want to hear. >> reporter: we found this picture of the pool party on faceback, faceback. >> when you have that many
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people into one area, i'm just thinking, there's going to be trouble tonight. >> reporter: up to 500 people were at the party when officers responded to the shooting. the hotel management asked them to disperse the crowd. they asked freemont and union city police officers for help. >> at that time no victims were reported or reported by area hospitals. >> reporter: the coroners office told us tomorrow an autopsy will be conducted to find out what killed hughes. >> that's sad. because this poor youngster was out there alone all night. >> reporter: hubes was once charged with murder and robbery in san francisco. charges were dropped two months later. so far no one has been arrested in hubes death. reporting live in newarck,
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amber lee. police tried to pull over a man. it ended at about 6:00 this evening. the driver hit one car and went another distance before his car the overturned. officers caught the driver then learned he had an outstanding warrant. authorities say they are still looking for the passenger. a clean up effort is on the way. jana k atsuyama has what happened. >> reporter: this is what caused the oil spill, an old 90- ton tug boat. petaluma fire officials say they discovered the boat after
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getting a call this morning. >> we noticed a large substance about 200 yards by 20 feet wide. by afternoon, the sheen stretched in 2/3 of the river. the california department of fish and game says the river does have sensitive endangered wildlife such as salmon and red frogs. >> we have identified three areas of concern. adobe creek, ellis creek and the ellis creek treatment plan. >> reporter: near the spill site, they discovered a -- >> i had no indicate that the fire department was ever
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informed of this investigation. >> reporter: fire officials did warn holiday voters today at the petaluma marina and dock. >> there's a lot of fishing going on, i won't eat the fish or go in the water. the tide goes in and out every part of the day, what will continue is to go upstream and town stream like a washing machine. >> reporter: they will be monitoring overnight and plan to continue their clean up efforts tomorrow. reporting from petaluma,jana k atsuyama. volunteers will return to a
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site tomorrow. police think he could be the fifth victim. search crews found no sign of him. police say his body may have been put in a dumpster in a hercules business park. yesterday, volunteers found a letterhead with the address of the victim. >> that's real concrete evidence they are in the right place. >> police shot and killed valde m oro. police have been busy pulling over impaired drivers. the california highway patrol
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says 162 drivers were stopped. san mateo county reports 172 arrests. senator obama went to wisconsin to speak on a new plan. republican policies led to the recession, he said. he also said his plan to rebuild and modernize the nation's transportation net work would put america's back to work and the president lashed out at the gop in some unscripted are remarks. >> they are not always happy with me. they talk about me like a dog. >> as for the transportation plan, the president is proposing to spend $50 billion to rebuild roads, railways and airport runways. republicans oppose the plan and
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its chances on congress are slim. former hewell packered mark hurd was unemployed very a short time. one man created quite a spectacle in san francisco today as he climbed one of the city's tallest skyscrapers. he made it all the way to the top of the building and he said he did it to send a message. heather holmes has the report. >> reporter: for hours today, mission street was blocked and all eyes were up there. i spoke to the man, he had blisters on his finger and said his feet hurt after scaling this. high drama, high above downtown
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san francisco as spider dan used suction cups to scale to the top of the millennium tower. william antonio caught the daredevil. >> i guess that's part of his bucket list. >> reporter: bucket list, no. although he was diagnosed with color cancer, yet he beat it. and he said that personal victory was just one reason for today's feat. >> there's this fear, you look and think, i'm going to go for this. i needed to conquer it myself. and in doing so i felt like i was doing it for all the cancer survivors out there. >> reporter: to prove he says that cancer is not a death
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sentence. goodwyn told us today's climb was also to call attention to the vulnerability of skyscrapers toterrorists. >> i feel that our country is really vulnerable to another attack. >> reporter: on the street, most people thought it was just a publicity stunt to sell goodwyn book, a stunt that cost san francisco taxpayers. >> waste of money, we could use a better use of money than having all the cops here. >> reporter: frank and julie he says he'll climb again but he won't say where. reporting live, i'm heather holmes, ktvu channel 2 news. i just want to know that she's safe, that's it. a distraught family searches for a missing family member. there's been a sighting under curious circumstances. how the return of fog will
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affect our weather next week. jerry brown has resisted the temptation for weeks now. today he finally pulled the trigger. presenting the cadillac "summer's best" sales event.
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a fantastic opportunity to get a great offer on an all new cadillac srx luxury collection crossover... ..with a bose premium sound system. and an ultra-view sunroof designed to let more summer time in. summer brings out the best in all of us, so now's the perfect time to get behind the wheel of a new cadillac. hurry in for great lease or purchase offers on an all new srx during cadillac's summer's best sales event going on now at your cadillac dealer. a bay area family says it is desperately searching for a loved one and needs the public's help. they say they haven't seen or heard from the 22nd pittsburgh woman for a couple of week, now they are faring the worse.
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lloyd lacuesta is in san jose with a live report. >> reporter: i'm in a neighborhood near that may bring reports of a missing person. >> we saw her saturday around this time. around 4:00 or 6:00. >> reporter: joan mccartny says she recognized the missing woman from pictures her family has distributed. silvetaugh called her debby and was selling magazines from door to door to pay for schooling. >> i didn't seem she was under any duress. >> reporter: it has been two weeks since they have heard from silvertorn. she said the last time they talked to her she said she had
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found a new traveling job. >> i called her, and i think she answered her phone by accident. >> reporter: the family is worried. >> they either lead to death or drug use, prostitution, and what not. >> reporter: the family has been handing out information in san jose and pittsburgh. they say they have filed a missing person's report with police. the family just wants to hear from her. >> i want to tell her that we want her to come home and we miss her. i want to know that she's okay. if she doesn't want to come back, i just want to know that she's safe. >> reporter: she's also wears a cross around her neck. the family hopes at the very least she will give them a call. live in san jose, lloyd
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lacuesta, ktvu news. santa clara jail officials say an inmate died in jail it shall. police are looking for a gunman in a double shooting. it happened just after 1:00 p.m. near altamont which is just south of interstate 80. a man and woman were wounded but are expected to survive. an award is being offered leading to an arrest and conviction of the shooter. members of the police department paused today to remember one of their own. officer paul stasky was shot and killed a year ago today.
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>> we will never forget paul. >> reporter: this morning the flag was raised then lowered to half staff. members of sergeant starsky's family were on hand. he was killed as she responded to a domestic disturbance call. labor day has been seen as the relevant start of political campaigns. this year was no different. jerry brown finally released his first the television ad. it came as brown toured the state campaigning. randy shandobil with our report. >> reporter: union workers, union leaders they traditionally support democrats. today at the alameda labor county labor day picnic the love flowed like bar-b-que beans. most of the parties ticket was
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in oakland today, pamela harris, senator boxer. >> california is not for sale. >> reporter: and of course the democratic candidate for governor, attorney general jerry brown. democrats have listened to the needs of working people. i mean we're not the party of billionaire, we're the party of ordinary americans, ordinary californians. >> reporter: the billionaire reference, meg whitman who has been running a mostly self- financed campaign for more than a year now. megawhitman has been spending an average of $2 million a week,jerry brown, literally nothing. saving his money for when people paid attention, beginning today. the brown campaign finally hit the air with ads today. up until now, the only ads on brown's behalf were done independently by labor unions,
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$10 million worth. because of that, meg whitman has said if jerry was elected, he would do the unions work. >> jerry brown hasn't been on our site. we have issues. >> reporter: like what? >> i can't think of any at the moment. >> reporter: randy shandobil, ktvu channel 2 news. jerry brown's republican counter part meg whitman stayed off the campaign trail today. but a spokesman for whitman says she hasn't forgotten about union efforts.
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whitman has spent $100 million of her own money on her campaign. she says she may spend up to $50 million. today there was no signs that anything will get done soon. a week long ban of the media was expired. so today definitely the warmest cay of the week. it is going to be cooler from here on out. tomorrow's forecast calls for that fog to work its way up the coast. it's moving that way now. it's down south mon terey bay. when i say sprinkles i say drizzle. because of this system right here, it's what we've been seeing all summer. this low pressure center is going to set up shop for about
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48 hours, it's going to drop temperature, going to increase the fog. the thing you're going to notice, instead of mid-90s inland, you're going to see low 80s. i'm tracking the fog right now, when i come back, i'll show you exactly where it is. hundreds of cyclists took to the streets of san francisco as part of an annual tradition. the ride took riders along the embarcadero. the first race was back in 1975 when it was known as the san francisco grand prix. it is burning out of control right now, up next, we have late details on a wildfire in colorado and the major problems firefighters are facing. they're back, flu shots arriving at your drugstore and doctor's office. why this year's vaccine is meant for everyone and it's cheaper too.
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a wildfire has destroyed homes in the hills over boulder colorado. at this time officials cannot say how many homes have been lost. some of the homes did belong to firefighters. fire fighting planes are currently tkpwroupded because of winds gusting to 45 miles per hour. there's another problem, the boulder county telephone alert system apparently isn't working properly. robbers held up the six flags the. now officials are wondering if those robbers had help on the inside. investigators say the suspects cut through a lock in an employee only area then climbed over a fence. they pointed guns at three employees who had been
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collecting bag receipted from across the park. but there are no surveillance cameras where the robbery happened. >> they were dressed with black hooded sweatshirts, they had like a bandana over the top of their faces, so you couldn't see what they looked like. they were armed with semi automamatic hands guns. >> this is the second robbery this year at six flags. security procedures are now under review. a livermore man who is accused of stabbing his 14-year- old son is under investigation. alameda county sheriff's deputy say they arrested gary gomez yesterday morning. police say gomez got upset when one of his son's friends said he had to go home. gomez pushed out a fishing
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knife and stabbed his son 11 times. gomez's wife was stabbed once in the hand while trying to break up the fight. none of the wounds is life threatening. the dutchman suspected of a disappearance of american teenager natalie holloway has made a startening -- actor john travolta said no more time. travolta said he and his family cannot take another trial linked to his son's death. travolta testified against two people trying to extort money from him. the case ended in a mistrial, today a judge dismissed the charges against the two defendants. a proposal to add a new tax to alcohol drinks in san
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francisco goes before the board of supervisors tomorrow. the alcohol cost recovery fee as it's called would add three to 5-cents to the cost of a bottle of beer, glass of wine or any well drink. the effort is to help the city recourtroom $16 million a year -- to help city recoop $16 million a year. and coming up, why you will only need one flu shot this season.
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the signs that pharmacies say flu shots and they are ready available as flu season
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approaches. this flu season promises some changes. ktvu's debra villalon is live tonight in what we can expect >> reporter: the signs are arriving. and this year's flu shot will include the swine flu so you only have to two through the pain once. and by the time piles of vaccines arrivedded, people weren't interested anymore and most of it went to waste. >> it was scary, it took forever to get the shots. i used to call every day. >> reporter: this mother remembers very well. inches up a list for her daughter's shot. but she's not eager to repeat. >> i hope they are more
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prepared. there were a lot of frantic moms. >> reporter: 30 million dozes are available with 130 million more still to come. shots that cover multiple strains. >> i get it every year. so i probably haven't had the flu for 10 or 12 years. >> reporter: seniors have always been at high risk for influenza. officials are recommending vaccination for everyone, older than six months. >> i didn't do the h1n1 but i just did the regular flu shot. >> reporter: not getting an h1n1 sac seen leaves you susceptible to that virus again this year. about six in 10 americans remain vulnerable. many still on the fence about getting the shot. >> i don't know if i will this year or not because i was lucky last year and didn't get sick. >> reporter: if cost is an obstacle, one more big change.
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health care reform requires medicare and private insurance waive the deductible so that the flu shot is free to people. reporting live in concord, debra villalon ktvu news. >> and has more information on who should get the flu shot this season. sacramento is getting more cases of whooping cough. the county had eight times as many cases in august compared to august of last year. whooping cough which is also known as p ertusis is highly contagious and can last for months. a free vaccination will be held on saturday september 18th. a new report out today is painting a grim picture for california californians when
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it comes to jobs. one reason is that older workers are putting off retirementment. >> the average californians has been out of work, has been looking for a job for eight month, we've never seen numbers like that before. in july, the california budget project says that almost 2.3 million residents were out of work. and employers have cut back on the hours of those who are working which obviously means they will take home less play. the mcdonalds restaurant is under fire tonight by advocates for the homeless. since the restaurant did away with its dollar menu items about a week ago, many homeless people say they can no longer afford to eat there. the restaurant at hayton street has also posted time saying there's a 30 minute limit for
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people to eat their food in the restaurant. >> i believe it's targeting homeless people. having homeless people eat at mcdonalds doesn't bother me a bit. they scrape together every penny they have. if all they can afford is to eat here, that's what the hate is about. >> the franchise owner told ktvu the decision to get rid of the dollar menu was strictly a business decision. 76 degrees for a daytime high. but there will be a cooler day tomorrow. here in the bay area, summer was different this year. there were the occasional warm days but not a lot of really
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hot days. ktvu's rita williams has this report. >> reporter: labor day is the unofficial end of summer. but for most of us here in the bay area this year, summer never really began. >> it's been freezing. >> this is the first sun we've had in a long time. so it's nice. >> it's our first real weekend, all suer. it was way too cold. >> it's like you think you're going to have a warm day, and you get up it's like, well, it's cold. >> reporter: they are right, it has been unusually cold this summer. san francisco's average high temperature for june, july and august was 16.7 degrees. that's 3.7-degrees below normal making this the coolest summer in the city in 11 years. and the summer that never was wasn't just here, meteorologists say most of california had lower than
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normal temperatures. take august in san jose, an average of 79.9 degrees, more than 5 degrees below normal. and the coolest august in 19 years. average temperatures in sacramento, los angeles and san diego also were below normal, why? >> we've had in the west coast this big trough of low pressure that's kept us cool. >> reporter: we found a few folks out here happy with the cooler weather. >> i actually like the overcast. i like the fog. it keeps god's eyes off of me. >> reporter: happy to be home for this weather. california's senior senator who's had quite enough of the unusually hot weather in washington, d.c. >> i love this, i love it when the fog comes in. >> reporter: but the sun won out over the fog this labor day. a warmer day than we've been having and most people off work to enjoy it. in san francisco, rita
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williams. we are happy to report that the bay area came through today helping ktvu raise money for the mda telethon. our viewers donated just over $3 million. is numbers may be down from the record highs but keep in mind we're in a recession and many americans are struggling to make ends meet. it's not dogs but owners behaving badly. two years ago he received a life saving gift from a stranger. what this now 13-year-old boy and his mother are doing to say thank you, over and over again. crews rush to save a south bay teenager, the conditions that made initial rescue attempts in hospitals.
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a san jose teenager had to get rescued after being swept by the current. the san jose fire department said crews tried to climb down to him but they were not able to reach him. so they brought in a helicopter and ended up plucking him out of the water. a dispute at a popular dog park may lead to a cap of how many people may be at that park at one time. a woman scratched and bit a young man after he was trying to split a fight between her and anothewoman. some people say the economy plays a part in an increase of disagreements between dog
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owners. >> there's been a lot of lay offs and people losing their jobs. i've seen a lot of people come into the dog park where on, you know this is where they come with their pets because they are stressed out. some dog owners suggest that dog owners are taking dog scrimmages a little too serious. hundreds of people rallied against the u.s., they say they are angry at a pastor in florida who's planning to burn copies of the muslim's holy book the coran this upcoming september 11th. in pakistan, hundreds of people are packing up their belongings and heading for safety. today the united nations said even more money is needed on top of the hundreds of millions
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of the dollars already pledged for relief. some eight to 10 million people need assistance every day. and in iraq, security is being stepped up around the oil installations in the south. there have been intelligence reports of possible terrorist attacks on economic targets and oil companies. crews are checking the pipelines to see if any bombs have been planted. u.s. combat operations formally ended last week. an oakland woman and her young son spent this labor day showing their gratitude by helping the hungry. mikey received a transplant and considered it a gift. so they decided to give back to the homeless. >> i just wanted to give back to the community. if people don't know what that mean, that means to pay it
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forward to give something to somebody and not expect anything in return. >> reporter: mikey's meal is now a licensed charity with dozens of volunteers. impromptu concerts object streets of san jose. and how change in our bay area weather will affect the five day forecast. our chief meteorologist bill martin is back right after the break.
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i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honk our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ a labor day gift for fishermen. the fish and game department made fishing free. today was the second free
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fishing day of the year, july fourth was the other one. people did not know about today being free until they arrived. think about it, you're walking down the street and you run into a piano and there are more just sitting there. maureen naylor has this report. >> reporter: a symphony of sounds is filling the air in the heart of silican valley. from rag times, to ratmononof. impromptu concerts are going on
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it's part of a project called play me, i'm yours. from this high school student to this homeless man. some curiously inspect the instrument, others show off their fancy finger work. others are playing the piano for the first time, all with cars and trains whizzing by. >> the intent was to put it in an area where people uld not talk to each other. >> i'm kind of a hermit. i don't know many people. but i play the piano and if
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people can sing, the better. pianos will be up until september 21st, for a map of the locations go to in san jose, maureen naylor. vector control officials are issuing a warning about west nile virus after two dead animals tested positive for the disease. the virus has been found in a squirrel and raven last month. vector control is advising people to report dead birds and squirrels to authorities. west nile is usually spread through bites from affected mosquitoes. tropical storm hermin made land fall near the border with texas. hermin generated some strong waves along the texas gulf coast. forcasters expect it to turn knot northeast which would take it into texas. heavy rain of four to 8-inches
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are possible and that could cause flash floods. welcome back, i'm tracking the fog as it makes its way up the coast. we're headed for a cooling trend, a much cooler weather pattern this week. what i'm tracking down here in the south is fog that has moved in pretty much up in through montery and it's making it to the north end of bay. then i have fog up here. by tomorrow late afternoon, everybody should have fog along the coast as it fills in. these high temperature, as warm as they're going to be all week, really for a couple of days we're not going to see 96 in antioch. the low pressure center that has been, i showed you this earlier, that has been plaguing us all spring and summer is coming back, and that's going to cool things off. when you see tomorrow's temperature footprint, you see this green, that's the cooler
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air that's going to be coming in. what we have is this cool push of marine air. the fog will make it to if coast. you'll have fog in pacifica and half-moon bay. low pressure center as it comes in is going to increase the fog and low clouds and could even bring a chance of sprinkles, tuesday night early wednesday morning, sprinkles, not a big deal. forecast highs through the microclimate. in this area we're looking at 90s today. you'll find 90s because you're going up to marysville and stockton. 80 in clear lake, 78 in vallejo. what happens with this weather pattern, the air quality gets better. so there's the upshot. you noticed it today, the sun setting earlier, we're heading
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toward the equinox, the days are getting shorter. with that we're seeing the fall like weather pattern that we expect to see this time of year. you look at those forecast highs along the peninsula, these are coastal cities that will see fog tomorrow. the five day forecast is one that is marked by cooling. so today was the warmest and you look at that bottom tier of numbers, those are the inland cities. the coolest day, and they start to come back up for the bay area weekend, a big change, summer is not over. but it's starting to look like that in the computer pattern. >> still nice weather though. >> yeah, it is nice. >> thank you, bill. researchers today reported an ingredient in mushrooms may help brain cancer patients. the ingredient reduced anxiety
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and depression in cancer patients patients. most of the patients in the study required less pain medication. but it is important to site that the rush rooms are illegal. penn state college researchers found only 1/6 of those who lose significant amounts of weight are able to keep it off for a year or more. women are more likely to maintain the weight loss. researchers say more work is needed to determine what helps people maintain their weight loss over time. the giants are on the road to doing something. it could go down as one of the best college footballs of the year.
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mark is off, fred is here with sports. the a's did their part, unfortunately the dodgers did not do their job. >> san diego finally ended it's ten day losing streak. giants had all they could
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handle with a down and out d backs today. giants you have to like that. they were scoreless in the 9th inning. posey reached to right. and parra gets the hit of the day. and aaron hellman, turns this into a 2-run triple and there's your game winner. 2-0, the giants remain 1.5 back of philadelphia in the wild card race. a's are now a major league best 2-12. cocoa crisp jumps on this pitch. cocoa crisp first lead off home
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run of the season. we're coo coo for cocoa crisp. the 49ers third string quarterback nate davis never got on the good side of 49ers head coach mike singletary, so davis is now cut. and troy smith gets signed today. troy smith was the 2006 heisman trophy winner out of ohio state. the ravens released him this weekend. his best steal may be holding a clipboard. monday night college football is alive and well. here's your game winning
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touchdown, virginia tech beats the hockies. tiger ties for 11th. and advances to the next leg of the play offs. hudson gets up and in from the bunker on 13 for one of his 11th birdies, hoffman wins by five strokes and it's good time charlie second career tournament victory. someone finally silenced the screen machine called maria sharipova today. she made 36 unforced airs by sharipova. wins in straight sets 6-3-6-4. that's sports as we see it for this labor day night. giants still a game back. >> if only the dodgers had won. >> you're going to count on the
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dodgers, come on. >> all right. >> fred, thank you. and that's our report for tonight. thank you for joining us this evening. >> good night.
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